Wire Harnesses

■ Wire harnesses for industrial robots, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, etc.
Since foundation, we have been specialized in high-mix low-volume manufacture of wire harnesses with a high degree of difficulty used for industrial robots, surgical robots, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, etc.
We produce prototype wire harnesses and small-lot wire harnesses at the factories in Japan and mass-produced wire harnesses at the Vietnam Factory.
■ High-quality harnesses
For each product requiring quality assurance, we prepare and issue an inspection report at the request of the customer.

Precision Electronic Equipment for Industrial Use

■ Manufacture of control devices
We procure all items, from sheet metal-worked and machined products and printed circuit boards to all types of electronic parts, ourselves and supply products through integrated production covering manufacture, inspections, and packaging.
Examples of products: Robot controllers for industrial use, control equipment for semiconductor manufacturing devices, control panels for electric power business, medical and pharmaceutical equipment and units, etc.

Electronic Equipment Automatic Inspection Systems

■ Automatic inspection systems, which use personal computers etc., for industrial equipment
Using the automated measurement technology and image processing technology we have accumulated to date, we are committed to automatizing inspections for the purpose of significantly reducing inspection man-hours and realizing quality improvement by getting rid of careless mistakes etc.