Business Lines

Our company is mainly involved in the following three businesses.

Wire Harness

■Wire harnesses for industrial robots and medical pharmaceutical equipment
We produce harnesses for high-mix low-volume production with a high level of difficulty and for mass-production. Wire harnesses have the function of transmitting power and signals for various units. It is a part used for transmission, corresponding to the blood vessels and nerves in the human body.

Precision electronic equipment for industrial use

■Manufacturing of various control panels
We have an integrated system of production from the procurement of sheet metal, machined parts, printed circuit boards, and various electronic components, to the manufacturing, inspection, and packaging of the finished product.

Automatic inspection system for electronic equipment

■Automatic inspection system for industrial equipment utilizing computers, etc.
We engage in automatic inspection R&D and sales to achieve improved quality through a significant reduction in inspection man-hours and elimination of careless mistakes, applying the automatic measuring technology and image processing technology that our company has accumulated over time.