Message from the president

Iwasaki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. was founded in the city of Tamba Sasayama and has been operating its businesses to date since then.

We believe that we have attained our accomplishments with kind advice and help from our valued customers, whom we are bonded to by fate, as well as support from local residents. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of them.

Since foundation, we have used even various failures as chances to grow and strive for only one goal – how we can improve quality – day by day under the corporate motto of “Quality is Everything.” In consequence, recently, we believe to have become a company that “manufactures and offers products and parts customers can put complete trust in.”

In addition, since 2002, when we constructed a factory in Vietnam, customers have been on the increase, and we are aware that our responsibilities are further growing.

We are determined to make further endeavors in the future to develop ourselves and make the Company more contributive to customers through 50 years of experience in high-mix low-volume manufacture of products and parts with a high degree of difficulty.

We sincerely hope again to have your continued, generous patronage and guidance.


Hiroyuki Fujihira, President and Representative Director

Company nameIwasaki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Chairman and Executive DirectorYoshiaki Kakiuchi
President and Representative DirectorHiroyuki Fujihira
EstablishedApril 1974
Capital98,190,000 yen
Sales168billion (August 2023)
Number of employees321(as of the end of February 2024)
Business linesManufacture of wire harnesses, specialized precision electronic equipment, and various control panels, R&D into automated inspection
CertificationISO9001 certification(Head Office Plant,Plant No. 1,Plant No. 3,Vietnam Plant), ISO14001 certification (Head Office Plant,Vietnam Plant)
Bank of accountSasayama Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation; Kobe Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank
Main clientsDAIHEN Corporation and associated companies
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Fanuc corporation.
SYSMEX CORPORATION and associated companies
Medicaroid Corporation
KAIJO Corporation
Takazono Corporation
HARMO Co., Ltd.
Fujikin Incorporated
Nippon Signal Company,Limited
Main Plant
421 Ikegami, TambaSasayama-city, Hyogo 669-2436 Japan TEL079-552-5436
Yakami Plant
593-2 Ikegami, TambaSasayama-city, Hyogo 669-2436 Japan TEL079-554-3600
Plant No. 1
103-1 Gunge, TambaSasayama-city, Hyogo 669-2341 Japan TEL079-552-4630
Gunge Warehouse
130-2 Gunge, TambaSasayama-city, Hyogo 669-2341 Japan TEL079-552-6633
Plant No. 2
226-2 Kawara-machi, TambaSasayama-city, Hyogo 669-2325 Japan TEL079-554-1211
Plant No. 3
229-2 Kawara-machi, TambaSasayama-city, Hyogo 669-2325 Japan TEL079-552-6800
Osaka office
3-3-2 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0003 Japan TEL06-6147-5697
Toyama office
203 Miyamoto 2-1-1, Nezuka, Toyama-shi, Toyama 939-8204 Japan
Electric Mfg. Vietnam Co., Ltd.Lot 73, Road 1, Linh Trung EPZ II, Binh Chieu Ward,Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Corporate Motto

Quality is Everything – Quality inheres in everything.
We believe that the performance of “work” of each employee underlies the performance of “products” and the performance of “craftsmanship,” and they together form quality.
We work earnestly every day to manufacture products that can meet the confidence of customers.


Quality Policy

”Clarify the needs and expectations of customers and other closely related stakeholders, provide products and services with high reliability accurately and promptly, and improve customer satisfaction.”



[Actions to achieve the policy]

◇ Attain continual improvement by establishing a quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2015.

◇ In connection with the objective and strategic direction of the Company, clarify external and internal issues that affect the capability of the Company to achieve the intended outcomes of the quality management system.

◇ Clarify opportunities for improvement and implement necessary measures to meet customer requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

◇ Demonstrate the capability to constantly provide products and services that fulfill the laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements applicable to customer requirements.

◇ All persons working under the control of the quality organization of the Company assume an obligation to comply with the Quality Policy.

◇ Develop a plan for establishing and achieving necessary quality goals in association with the functions, tiers, and processes related to the quality management system.

Environmental Policy

【Environmental Philosophy】

The Company aims to respond to the trust of society through craftsmanship that takes care of people and resources, and to become a company that contributes to the creation of an affluent future and environmental conservation.


【Code of Conduct】

The Company is committed spontaneously and proactively to environmental conservation in accordance with the following principles in order to realize the Basic Philosophy:

1  Reduction of environmental burdens associated with business activities

We are committed to the following activities with consideration given to all stages from the procurement of materials for products to the manufacture, use, and disposal of products:

① Promote activities for energy conservation to prevent global warming.

② Promote the recycling of waste.

③ Promote activities for reducing the usage of substances of concern.

④ Promote green procurement.

2 Compliance with statutory requirements and other regulatory requirements

Clarify the statutory requirements applicable to environmental aspects and other regulatory requirements whose acceptance was determined, and establish and comply with control standards.

3 Establishment and review of environmental objectives and goals

Establish environmental objectives and goals considering the environmental impacts of all business activities, and promote activities for environmental conservation. In addition, regularly review these environmental objectives and goals, and make continual improvement in the environmental management system in order to improve the environmental performance thereof.

4  Raising of environmental awareness and information disclosure

Disseminate the Environmental Policy to all persons working in the organization in order to raise their environmental awareness and work on activities for reducing environmental burdens with the participation and cooperation of all persons. In addition, to disclose the Environmental Policy on our website etc. so that it is easily accessible to closely related stakeholders.