Internal activities

We have the “Hirameki Teian (great idea proposal)” system, which is intended to enable each employee to spontaneously tackle improvement, and carry out internal proposal activities.

The system was launched in March 2008, and about 600 internal proposals are presented every year.

Small efforts produce a great effect and bring about improved quality and productivity and cost reduction.


Many of the proposals relate to 5S (seiri (sort) and seiton (set in order) in particular) and the development of jigs for improving work efficiency.

This system can make operators feel their proposals contributing to the beautification of the factory and improved work efficiency, and further motivates the entire company.


Development of jigs

Senior advisors having broad knowledge and experience develop jigs based on the ideas proposed from worksites of “something helpful if available” desired by operators to improve work efficiency and quality.

Development of systems

Since arbitrary control induces human errors, we supervise system control in the factory with the aid of the system developed by our system development team.

QC circle activities

As part of internal activities, we carry out QC circle activities.

We call for QC circles from all departments/sections and hold a meeting for reporting activity cases on an annual basis.

QC lectures

Leaders or personnel in equivalent positions of all departments/sections gather and hold a study session for improving knowledge and capability for quality control on a monthly basis.