Details of Wire Harnesses
Our features

Wire harnesses have the function of transmitting electric power and signals to various units. They are transmission parts that correspond to the blood vessels or nerves of the human body. We offer high-mix low-volume wire harnesses with a high degree of difficulty, such as wire harnesses for industrial robots and for medical and pharmaceutical equipment, and mass-produced wire harnesses. We ensure higher cost advantages by mass production at the Vietnam Factory.

Manufacture of wire harnesses for industrial robots

We offer wire harnesses that can endure harsh motion of robots. Our wire harnesses are compatible with diverse needs from small-size to large-size industrial robots.

Manufacture of wire harnesses for medical and pharmaceutical equipment

We manufacture wire harnesses for medical equipment, which are used in the field of medicine and require high quality and complicated wire bundling work. The high quality of our products embodies know-how that can support this industry.

Manufacture of other wire harnesses

Moreover, we manufacture internal wiring for control panels and industrial equipment panels. We can also offer special cables, such as coaxial cables, flat cables, and welding cables.