Example of automatic inspection development 3
Automatic testing device for switch controller

This is a testing device to automatically test the function of a switch controller.

Effect of automation

4-hour inspection time has been shortened to 2 hours. Connecting 1 testing device to 5 products will allow for unmanned continuous inspection for 10 hours. (enables unmanned nighttime continuous inspection)

Shortened time
Improved quality
Improved quality
Unmanned operation
Developer comments

Developing a system to automatically save inspection results to a database using LabVIEW was a new challenge for us. We proceeded with the goal of achieving unmanned nighttime continuous automatic inspection, and had a hard time developing a switch mechanism for sequentially switching between 5 products. We developed a new algorithm that enables nighttime continuous automatic inspection. This contributed greatly to reducing costs.

  • Measurement results are automatically updated to the database
  • PLC configures the power supply unit and measuring device settings, executes the test, and performs judgment of acceptance
  • Uniform management of data output from the product by control panel
  • Nighttime continuous automatic inspection through unmanned operation
Utilized equipment
  • Computer
  • Automatic test controller
  • Test product switching device
  • Synthesizer
  • Power amp
  • Digital multimeter