What is an automatic inspection system?

Hitherto, product inspections were manually performed using a measuring device. As the measurement data needed to be confirmed in detail while performing the inspection, a dedicated supervisor was assigned because, once an inspection began, it was not possible to leave the spot until the end of the inspection. The idea behind the automatic inspection system is to “have a computer perform the work that a person would do.” It is an unmanned system that uses a computer to automatically perform setup, measurement, adjustment, and recording while communicating with a measuring device and the product under inspection.

Various issues in performing manual inspection (measurement)

Difficult to shorten work time

Learning how to operate each piece of equipment is an enormous task

Omissions occur if there are numerous inspection locations


Human effort alone will not solve these issues!


What issues can be solved with automatic inspection using a computer?


●Omissions occur if there are numerous inspection locations

Improved quality
Unmanned operation

The programmed inspection will be reliably executed. No omissions will occur. Once the inspection begins using a computer, the inspection can be unmanned until completion.


●Learning the complex operations of each equipment

Shortened time
Simple operation

As equipment settings are configured by the computer, the inspection can be carried out even if you do not know how to operate the equipment. Inspection will begin with a simple push of the Start button, and inspection time will be reduced compared to manual inspection.