Initiatives on automatic inspection


We wanted to eliminate variations in data and human error that inevitably occur when product inspections are performed by people. So we undertook the task of developing an automatic inspection system that is performed by computer.

Unexpected good results

After implementing the automatic inspection system, great effects were derived including quality improvements, time reduction, and unmanned operation.

Why we insist on automation

Automating inspection allows us to collect a lot more data than through manual inspection. We upgrade and perform uniform management of the database to effectively utilize this information. Uniform management of data has various merits.

Creation of an inspection report

Reuse of measuring results and use in analysis

Information sharing at all company facilities

Quality assurance utilizing statistical quality control

Future goals

There are still many things in the world that haven’t been automated. We will take on the challenge of automation by trying out new technologies in areas that were thought to be difficult until now. With a view to improving quality which is our original goal, we will continue evolving while gaining diverse added value.


In the past, people conducted manual product inspections utilizing a measuring device. As it was necessary to perform the inspection while confirming the measurement data in detail, a dedicated supervisor was assigned because, once an inspection began, it was not possible to leave the spot until the end. The idea behind the automatic inspection system is to “have a computer perform the work that a person would do.” It is an unmanned system that uses a computer to automatically perform setup, measurement, adjustment, and recording while communicating with a measuring device and the product under inspection.

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Technical achievements

Automation that we have realized thus far

Equipment automatic control via computer and PLC

Data automatic acquisition via computer and PLC

Design and development of inspection circuit

Document output of inspection results

Statistical data analysis

Examples of development
Message from the General Manager of the Automated Inspection R&D Team

Inspecting specialized control equipment (products), as opposed to mass-produced products, is very difficult even for seasoned inspectors. We have taken on the challenge of automating inspections with a goal to eliminate variations in worker skill and eliminate human error. This has resulted in increased quality and significant cost reductions. I feel that our mission is to transmit our abundant experience, technology and know-how that we have cultivated over time to the next generation, and to create new technologies.

Tetsushi Kawanishi
Head of Quality Assurance Office
Representative of the Japanese Society for Quality Control
Quality Control Instructor (Statistical Quality Control) for the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers

To those thinking of automating inspection

In recent years, we have been receiving numerous inquiries regarding automated inspection.

Please consult us if you are interested in quality improvement and manpower saving.

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