Example of automatic inspection development 2
Pole transformer automatic inspection device

This is an inspection device to automatically perform an electrical test of a pole transformer.

Effect of automation

Various operations during testing have all become unnecessary, and all updating of test data has become automated.

Simple operation
Improved quality
Reduction in man-hours
Developer comments

Formerly, high voltage settings that are the main aspect of the test were performed by an experienced worker. But utilizing PID control has enabled automatic control.

  • A computer and PLC are used to configure the power supply unit and measuring device settings, execute the test, and perform judgment of acceptance
  • A computer is used to automatically store and manage the measurement results in a database
  • Reduction of inspection personnel
Utilized equipment
  • Computer (Corei3 or above)
  • PLC (Keyence KV5000)
  • Frequency meter
  • Power meter
  • Digital multimeter
  • Inverter